4 Best woocommerce multi step checkout Plugins (2024)

The woocommerce multi step checkout plugin is designed to make the checkout stage as effortless as possible. It simplifies and improves the aesthetics of the checkout page. As a result, it ensures all customers quickly finalize the purchase process. Installing multistep checkout on your WooCommerce website can significantly increase conversion rates and revenue.

As essential as the multistep checkout plugin is, not all are built equally. This article will review the best four providers of multistep checkout plugins for WooCommerce. We will discuss the key features and highlights of each option so that you can choose the best plugin for your WooCommerce store.

A Review of the Best Woocommerce multi step checkout plugins

YITH WooCommerce Multi-step Checkout

Amongst WooCommerce website owners, YITH is the number one independent seller for plugins. Their multistep checkout plugin boasts many exciting features and benefits.

The YITH Woocommerce multi step checkout is designed to streamline your clients’ purchasing process. This plugin minimizes abandoned cart rates by dividing the checkout stage into easier-to-understand steps. When you add this plugin to your site, you can sort data and split the checkout fields into different sections.

Many online store owners have praised YITH Woocommerce multi step checkout because of its ability to simplify the checkout stage. YITH designed this plugin after performing an A/B test which showed that customers are more comfortable with a multistep checkout experience. With this plugin, you are guaranteed more clients closing in on purchases instead of abandoning carts.

Key Features

Out of the many multistep checkout plugins available from WordPress or independent sellers, this one designed by YITH has many features. They include;

  • Access to 10 Different Layouts
    When you opt for this plugin, you can choose from 10 different layouts. Five are available in horizontal style, and the rest are in vertical style. With so many layout options, you are assured of creating a custom checkout page with this plugin.• Option to Edit Colors
    Your customers’ experience on the checkout page also depends on aesthetics. This plugin allows WooCommerce website owners to customize the steps and text colors.
  • Ability to Customize Steps with Numbers or Icons
    To create a remarkable checkout page, you can number the steps. Or even better, this YITH plugin allows one to use high-quality icons. You can even upload your custom icons.
  • Option to Merge Steps
    One of the main reasons most people abandon carts is because of lengthy checkout stages. With the YITH multistep checkout plugin, you can choose to merge order info and payment or shipping with billing. That will speed up the checkout process.
  • AJAX Validation
    This is one of the most remarkable features of this WooCommerce plugin. It stops clients from proceeding to the next stage without filling in crucial details. You can use this feature to collect relevant shipping and billing information.


  • This plugin offers many valuable features
  • It helps you create a responsive checkout page
  • Plenty of checkout page customization options
  • You can create a mobile-friendly checkout page
  • YITH provides excellent customer support


  • It’s a bit pricey

WooCommerce Multistep Checkout Wizard

If you are looking for a WooCommerce multi step checkout plugin that guarantees value for money, look no further than this one built by Kole Roy. The author may not be a popular plugin vendor, but he has an impressive portfolio with many positive reviews.

The WooCommerce multistep checkout wizard by Kole Roy is fully customizable. Website owners can choose from multiple styles, and plenty of options allow you to design a layout that syncs with your theme.

Key Features

  • Fully Customizable
    What we love about this plugin is the customization features. After adding it to your WooCommerce site, you can add or remove steps in the checkout stage. You can also customize the aesthetics.
  • Multiple Page Styles
    This plugin doesn’t have as many styles as the one provided by YITH. But the few styles available are pretty decent.
  • It’s WPML Compatible
    As a WooCommerce website owner, you may have clients from different countries. That’s where the WPML plugin comes in handy, as it assists you in running a multilingual online store. This multistep checkout wizard by Kole Roy is WPML compatible. Therefore, you will streamline checkout for all your customers.
  • Form Validation for Each Step
    Customers can input incorrect data or even omit crucial details during checkout. The form validation feature prevents that and guarantees accuracy in collecting shipping and purchase details.


  • Access to multiple designs
  • It’s one of the most affordable WooCommerce multistep checkout plugins
  • It’s compatible with popular browsers
  • Very effective at streamlining the checkout page
  • The author offers excellent support


  • Sometimes, it may clash with other plugins

Multistep Checkout for WooCommerce

WooCommerce website owners interested in simplifying the checkout stage to more straightforward steps should consider this plugin by Theme High.

This plugin will divide your checkout stages into separate steps, such as signup, billing, and shipping. It also facilitates the checkout page’s customization by editing the text’s colors and backgrounds. This plugin enables changing tab positions to spice up the look of the checkout page.

If you settle on this plugin for WooCommerce, it’s best to combine it with the Theme High checkout field editor. Both plugins will ensure your checkout process is more streamlined.

Key Features

  • Multiple Layouts
    This plugin offers you four different layouts to create a user-friendly checkout page. You can choose from a vertical, horizontal, timeline, and an accordion layout.
  • Step Validation
    Step validation is a crucial feature that ensures all fields are correctly filled with accurate information.
  • Option to Combine Steps
    Since many shoppers prefer a quicker checkout process, this multistep checkout plugin by Theme High allows you to combine several steps, such as shipping and billing. Besides combining steps, you can separate specific steps such as review order and payment.
  • Checkout Page Customization
    From the background to the text, you can customize the display of your steps into a more meaningful design using this plugin.
  • Premium Features
    This multistep checkout plugin has basic and premium features. The latter option creates more room for customization and enhancement of the client checkout experience. The premium package comprises 11 multistep layouts, a mobile-friendly display, the addition of a review details step, and several other advanced features.


  • WooCommerce website owners can choose from the basic and premium package
  • Theme High offers dedicated support and frequent updates
  • It’s a lightweight plugin that won’t crash with others
  • Very effective at streamlining the checkout phase
  • It allows you to add more steps, such as cart details and a login step


  • Some users have complained that the basic package is too simple

Multistep Checkout for WooCommerce

This open-source software developed by SilkyPress can do wonders for your WooCommerce checkout page. So far, this plugin has more than 10,000 active installations. A clear indication that it is highly effective.

Like all other multistep checkout plugins, this one guarantees an improved checkout process. During development, SilkyPress designed this plugin to work with standard templates. You are, therefore, assured of 100% compatibility with your WooCommerce theme. Their customer support team is always available to assist if you run into a hiccup.

Many features make this plugin stand out from the rest. Besides enabling you to add more steps, you can create a checkout page with a remarkable design that will increase conversions.

Key Features

  • Available in German and French
    For WooCommerce online stores that deal with international clients, this multistep checkout plugin is available in French and German.
  • Keyboard Navigation
    SilkyPress created an innovative plugin that allows customers to navigate the checkout page using their keyboard. This ensures fast data entry and is a feature many of your clients will appreciate.
  • Mobile Friendly
    This plugin can create a mobile-friendly checkout page for a WooCommerce website whose many clients use mobile devices. This will significantly reduce cart abandonment rates.
  • Color Customization
    The checkout page should resemble the main website theme for a site to be cohesive. This plugin allows owners to customize the color of the checkout page so that it matches your theme.


  • Suitable for multilingual use
  • This plugin enables site owners to create sleek checkout pages
  • It can optimize your checkout page for mobile devices
  • It’s compatible with other plugins


  • The step validation feature needs improvement


Multistep checkout is one of the best plugins for WooCommerce. Because of this reason, it’s a must-have. From the above, it’s evident that different providers of this plugin prioritize varying features. As a WooCommerce website owner, it’s essential to go for the plugin that contains the most valuable features to your store.

Since they are all multistep checkout plugins, features such as adding/removing steps are considered standard. Therefore, you should look for advanced features such as multiple layouts, background and text color editors, form validation, and multilingual translations. The more features a plugin has, the better it is. Customer support and frequent updates are also vital when choosing a Woocommerce multi step checkout plugin provider.