8 WooCommerce Plugin to boost your sales

Getting the ideal plugins to maintain your Woocomerce website operating the way you intend it to be can be very overwhelming. Wrong plugins always make your site run very slow or it can even result in malfunctioning of your WooCommerce site.
There exist a wide range of WooCommerce sites that can help you boost your sales. They are not limited to the following.

ReferralCandy for WooCommerce


It is able to create an outstanding referral program for the purpose of rewarding loyal clients with store credit, discounts, free products when they refer their friends to your business.


• Track referral management

• It cross-channel promotion

• Distribute rewards automatically

Reasons you need it

• Important for customer retention

• Increases sales

• Allows set up and management of referral program

MonsterInsights – Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress (Website Stats Made Easy)


It keeps and maintains track of essential e-commerce data.


• Individual client tracking

• Similar product tracking

• Real-time analytics

Why do you need it

• Helps you plan out your data

• Gives you a clear way on how to achieve your goals

Facebook for WooCommerce

Facebook for woocommerce

It was developed by the Facebook team as addons to Facebook pages.

• Administered on Facebook pages
• Exhibits attractive ads
It allows you to showcase your products on your own Facebook page in a more appealing way. Increases more sales as it generate more clients on Facebook
WooCommerce smart coupons
It allows you to create discount coupons for your own WooCommerce store.
• It is able to generate several coupons simultaneously
• Embraces email marketing
It increases your sales by allowing you to email customers and also add them to your WooComerce.

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

YITH WooCommerce wishlist

It allows traders to create and share their wishlists on their WooCommerce websites.
• Create several wishlists
• Able to share wishlist
• Allows addition card button on the shopper’s wishlist page
Allows store owners to reach out to their shoppers concerning sales on their items of wishlist or similar products they may find interest in.
WooCommerce Multilingual
It is able to translate WooCommerce pages and your products into other languages.
• Offers translation management
• Send emails to admins and clients in their languages
• Maintains language throughout the transaction process
It allows shoppers of your products to feel comfortable as they can check out in their own languages.

WooCommerce waitlist
It tracks demands for items that are out of stock and then sends emails the time the items are back in stock.
• Disable or enable guest users
• Track products needed, quantity, and customer list
• Email clients on waitlist products
You can use it to create hype concerning a new product hence increasing its sales

Constant Contact + WooCommerce

Constant Contact + WooCommerce

Normally creates ideal email marketing campaigns to remain on the minds of your shoppers
• Groups and segments
• Automates marketing
• Leaves cart recovery
It allows you to segment and track customers depending on their purchases and also promotes email marketing.
I recommend you to embrace the above-mentioned best WooCommerce plugin sites in your business and you will boost your sales.


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