How to Remove Proudly Powered by WordPress

Proudly powered by WordPress entails a small message that is living in the native WordPress themes footer section. Again, they offer a shout-out of different projects that work with the WordPress volunteers. Though this will never be a bother in the case of other people, some people will be misaligned by the whole vision. In case you are running a business website or wish to have your focus on online presence, there is a likelihood you will get to remove or change the credits of the WordPress footer. With this post, you will get to achieve all that your heart desires to achieve as you will learn how to remove proudly powered by WordPress.

How to Remove Proudly Powered by WordPress

Legal Ramifications in WordPress Footer Credits Removal

You will be happy when you learn about the process involved in the removal of the WordPress footer on the website. For this reason, you will not face any kind of trouble. WordPress entails the entity that is free while the licensing’s is under General Public License(GPL). For this reason, you will get the rights to redistribute, modify and use WordPress.

In the case of reassurance, the WordPress theme helps in the general download of the official WordPress. Their theme directory is fully covered with the aid of a license. For this reason, you can freely make different edits. There are legalities found on the way. Again, the other post can show up how the overall editing is done. You may as well get the chance to remove the copyright WordPress footer on the website, particularly as one uses a default WordPress theme.

One may personalize the whole WordPress which entails the dashboard and the login page. Get to check the Brand and also the plugin which helps in the overall removal and replacement of WordPress branding. For this reason, you do not have to necessarily touch the code line.

Backing up Before You Make Changes

Before you get to make any changes to the website, you should consider backing up the site’s contents. When you get to break anything, the fix-up process is done quickly. In the case of the fix-up, it is done through the restoration of the earlier version of the website. Many people lost all the valuable information. For this reason, the website may fail to succeed in the general backing up process. In case you are a member of WPMU DEV, you should consider scheduling the whole site. Again, it implies there will be an automatic backup with the aid of snapshots. For this reason, it is best to delve in and at the same make an exploration of different ways with the aid of “powered by WordPress” with the website footer.

Hiding of the Copyright Footer WordPress

The method entails fair searches amount. They are included in the whole cautionary tale since it is a method that people should avoid at all times. Again, the procedure involves the addition of CSS in the different Theme Customizer that comes from the admin WP area. Though the method is easy and quick, it helps in the overall accomplishment of all the tasks present at hand. More also, there is a potentially detrimental that brings about a lot of effects on the website SEO, and thus it is not worth the different risks. More also, many scammers are using the same kind of technique to guide in hiding risks from all kinds of users. For this reason, you are likely to result with a site that is flagged. The stances of Google are all pretty clear and are thus in use with a variety of perils.


Three Ways to Help in Removal or Editing of WordPress Copyright Footer Link

• Removal of footer link through the use of WordPress theme customizer

• Removal of footer link through the native theme options

• Removal of footer link through the editing footer

For one to change how the footer operates, one requires to have:

• Great overall access to the admin and WordPress area

• A computer text editor

• Removal of footer link through the use of WordPress theme customizer


Removal of footer link through the use of WordPress theme customizer

Depending on the kind of theme you have, you may acquire the chance of removing or editing the “powered by   WordPress’ footer through the direct use of a theme customizer.

1. Click on appearance, and then customize through the use of the WordPress dashboard

2. Click on the footer present on the bottom bar

3. Get to disable the footer credits or as well consider putting the text in the edit footer credit.


Removal of footer links through the native theme options

Removal of footer links through the native theme options is a method that is widely used by the themes in the third party. At times, you will find the WordPress theme customizer has not been fully equipped using WordPress to help in the editing of the footer. For this reason, the most ideal bet involves checking the different theme settings. In case you are not able to locate the disable footer option credits found in the theme customizer, you may as well consider checking on the “widgets” section. More also, you may as well consider checking in the themes and individual options.


Get to disable the footer credits or as well consider putting the text in the edit footer credit.

Removal of footer links through the use of WordPress theme customizer procedure involved in the editing of the theme’s footer is simple. Besides, the procedure guides at all times in the removal of footer credit and WordPress link. This footer.php file entails all the information that is listed on the site. Again, it requires an all-time display on the footer located on the site. This entails the WordPress credit link which is known to give great and unique services at all times. Besides, the safest way that a person may use to help in WordPress footer code edit is through the use of the SFTP file manager. This way, you will have easy access to all the different core files. For purposes of security, there are different web hosts whose role is disabling the editing option in one’s theme code. For this reason, there will be direct use of the code from the admin and the WordPress area. In case you have challenges in locating the theme and website editor in the admin and WordPress area, you will find the disable process is completed by the host. For this reason, you will require to use the SFTP file manager. This is a file that helps all people in accessing files with a lot of ease.

  1. Connection is done on the site with the aid of the file SFTP manager. In case you are not sure how best to carry out the process, you need a tutorial to help you out in the whole process.
  2.  Get to navigate the directory on the public content themes.
  3.  Open the directory which entails the themes you wish to edit.
  4.  Get the location of the footer.php file and later get to copy it for purposes of appreciating the theme and child directory.
  5.  Ensure you open the file of footer.php with the aid of a text editor. Again, ensure you search and as well delete the footer code regarding the theme you wish to use.
  6.  Ensure you click on the update file for the footer credit link to be modified or even get to disappear completely,

Before you make any kind of changes in the WordPress theme, one should ensure they are always creating the child theme. This is much better compared to the edit of the website’s WordPress code. You will realize there are many reasons why the procedure ought to be carried out.

• All the updates with the themes will come up with the latest version. This version has the capacity of undoing all kinds of hard work and at the same time make a revert on the pre-edited and footer back state.

• Make a direct code edit on the website. In this case, you are likely to bring about changes or as well get to delete the wrong code and bring about breakages in the website.

In case you are new to child themes creation, the guide will certainly help you out in what you should do.

Another thing, the DIY-ers, and developers help in the overall running of the head-scratchers and hang-ups. Thus, come up with an expert who will offer different tailored solutions and advice both daytime and nighttime through the use of managed hosting. Furthermore, the different plans are coming up with any kind of slew goodies. These goodies entail of site intuitive manager and streamlined and dedicated resources. Their hub belongs to premium plugins that come with unique live support. All these happen in a secure and fast environment whose backing is done by a money-back 30 days guarantee. Whenever you feel ready to take on the whole world, you should take a nap which will assure you of all-time coverage.

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